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The largest amount of beautiful ladyboys (Kathoey) tend to be in Bangkok, you will notice they mix them with the GoGo girls, so its pot luck for some normal tourists looking for a lady. There are thousands of ladyboys and despite popular belief Thailand ladyboys are born with a ladies brain, and they get hormonal treatment from a young age, which means they grow like a lady. I have heard foreigners that have never visited Thailand, talking about ladyboys forcing themselves to have a sex change, just for the money, by working in the sex scene.

Thailand Ladyboy Scene

The ladyboy bars tend to be spread around Pattaya and Bangkok. and they tend to be wilder compared to the lady bars, the ladyboys confidence gives them an edge over the ladies, as they will approach you and be more pushy. Thailand loves to parade there finest ladyboys in beauty pageants and shows across the country. They do look nice, but the Thais have a different concept of beauty, a pale tall ladyboy would be more beautiful in there eyes, than a brown small beautiful girl from Isaan.

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Pattaya Ladyboys Forum

They have 12,000 members and hundreds log in daily to talk about there favourite hobby which is either getting topped or doing the topping!! If you don't know what this means, register to find out!

If you are looking for information on the Ladyboy scene in Bangkok, please visit

Bangkok Ladyboys Forum

They have 2,000 members becuase they are a new forum, which piggy backs off its mothersite.

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